How to stay safe when purchasing a used car

To stay as safe as possible whilst shopping for a used car, we recommend only ever browsing a dealership such as Alex Scott Cars in Cramlington. Should you choose to shop elsewhere, there are still measures to take to ensure that you do so with the utmost safety.

  • Take your time – if you’re rushing to get a car as quickly as possible, many little details that indicate that the dealer or car isn’t sound may slip past you. It could be a gap in the car’s service history, a fault with a part, or that the seller is offering you the car for an oddly low price. Either way, taking your time to properly inspect and drive the car and to quiz the seller won’t hurt. Yes, it may take you longer to obtain a car, but surely it’s better to take more time than it is to drive away in a car that will only last you a few months.

  • Go with a friend -going with a friend or family member offers many benefits. They may detect something wrong with the car or seller that you don’t, can offer a second opinion, and can help you feel more confident should you want to walk away from a sale.

  • Go with your gut – gut feelings about the car or the seller can say a lot. If at any point you feel as though something is the matter – even if it’s just before you sign to pay for the car – it may be worth considering walking away and looking elsewhere, or considering the offer for a few days.



The used car you drive away in doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but it should be safe, legal, and should last you for a fair amount of time. Happy shopping!