Top tips to buy a used car – and quickly!

Choosing one of the many Angus used car dealers out there is going to be a difficult task, but there are still pieces of advice, tips, and tricks that you can follow to ensure that you’re driving away in your used car as soon as humanely possible.

Take your time

We know – this contradicts what we’ve just said, but we mean it in the terms of taking your time to inspect the car properly, to ask the seller plenty of questions, and to give the car a test drive. Do this instead of jumping at the chance to buy the first car that you like the look of, and you’re much less likely to drive away in something that’s going to drop to bits in a few months.

Ask questions

Like we said, it’s important that you ask the seller plenty of questions regarding the car you want to purchase. It’s a good idea to have a brainstorming session before you get buying, as you’ll be sure that you’re definitely not missing anything out. Remember to ask about things such as repair and maintenance, and to see evidence of the car’s service history. If you’re struggling to think of questions, there are plenty of checklists online that will be able to help you.

Stay safe

To stay as safe as you can, it’s always best to look for used cars in a reputable dealership, but we understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow you to do so.  If you’re buying from an independent dealer, always make sure that you know exactly who it is that you’re talking to, and that they match their advert or description. Even better – bring a friend or family member with you; they can also help out if you’re feeling pressured into a sale.

Happy shopping!