Tips for Getting the Maximum Price for your Used Car

Has the time come for you to sell your current car? Whether you’re in the market for a larger car, a smaller car or a different type of vehicle altogether, follow these recommendations from the car -care professionals to ensure you receive the maximum price for your used car.

The first step is to detail your vehicle to bring it back as close to possible to showroom condition. Start with the interior. Discard all trash. If you’ve taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by  Groupon coupons and invested in an awesome coffee tumbler from Bass Pro, be sure to remove this from the care as well.  Remove all the floor mats and either shampoo or replace as necessary. Thoroughly vacuum the interior giving special attention to the console area. Shampoo and remove spots from the carpet and polish the leather or vinyl. Again, pay special attention to the dash and console areas.

On the exterior, thoroughly wash the full body including the tires. Consider apply a tire shine product to the tires. Closely following manufacturer’s instructions apply a coat of wax and thoroughly buff after the recommended drying time. Finally, shine the windows on the interior and exterior.

Drive to an area with a green, natural backdrop. Take multiple pictures of the vehicle, both interior and exterior, from various angles.  Select one of the many used car websites serving your area and upload the best photos to this site. Collect all service record and clean title. Have these documents available for inspection for the prospective buyer.  Fill out the online questionnaire on your car fully and honestly based on the best information you have available. Prepare a narrative description of the vehicle, including the reason why you’re selling, to place on the website.

Prepare to respond to inquiries from prospective buyers in a timely manner. Arrange to meet in a public place.  For safety purposes, notify a friend that you’ll be meeting a prospective buyer. Finally, when the transaction is complete, retain your license plate and prepare to return it to the local DMV or re-register it to the vehicle you will be purchasing. Best of luck!