Make Cash with Scrap Metal

Don’t throw away your scrap metal. Make cash by getting in touch with scrap metal merchants who advertise via the internet. Steel fabricators, engineers, electrical contractors and plumbers use scrap metal dealers to get rid of their scrap. A fast, efficient service is available so there’s no need for your premises to be cluttered with mountains of steel, iron or metal scrap. With a fleet of bin lifters, flat bed trucks and Hiab trucks, scrap merchants use the latest weighing techniques to see how much moolah your scrap is worth.

Sell scrap metal to steel merchants Perth for instant cash. Companies employ experts who can take away unwanted metal as well as buying:-

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Lead
  • PVC coated copper cable
  • Brass and bronze

Along with metal and cables, scrap dealers also buy stainless steel, car bodies, electric motors, lead including other exotic metals.

Trust steel merchants who have years of experience

Steel merchants have many years of experience in the scrap metal trade and offer the best prices around. Scrap metal personnel won’t interfere with the day to day running of your firm so tee up soon to make your working environment tidier and safer for your own employees. On the spot dollars are paid for a wide range of scrap metal services and buying recyclable items like:-

Make Cash with Scrap Metal1

  1. Cans
  2. Electrical cable
  3. Batteries
  4. Copper wire
  5. Air conditioners and radiators
  6. Metal truck and car parts
  7. White goods

Catalytic converters can also be recycled while there are skip bins and same day or next day removal of car bodies. Do something for the environment by recycling, it will pay in the long term. You’re sure to get a good price when using Perth metal recyclers.

Check out interesting and informative blogs

There are many blogs online which you can read to learn all about steel merchants and what they do. Topics like the following provide lots of pretty spiffy info:-

  1. What to do with your old car
  2. Making money from your junk
  3. All about scrap metal services
  4. Metal recycling

Get rid of any eyesores and create more space in your yard by making contact with scrap metal dealers.  Rather than taking your scrap metal to a dump, contact the experts who will be more than happy to call round to your property to pick it up. Homeowners and those who run commercial businesses can leave the hard work to a team of specialist steel merchants.

Blogs also contain helpful information about getting rid of metal that may have accumulated in a garden shed. Things like old bikes, lawnmowers that no longer work or old tools can be disposed of.

How to get in touch

It’s so easy to get in touch with steel merchants who deal with scrap metal. Either make a quick telephone call or send a fax. Alternatively why not complete an online form with your relevant details.