Build Customer Loyalty With BDC

What is BDC?

The Dealership BDC is designed to delight customers and enhance their automotive experience. Moreover, it is also used to efficiently increase sales performance and customer retention. The automotive BDC does this by establishing a good partnership with the customer; decide on the frequency the BDC must engage in contacting the customer, understanding loyal and satisfied customers.

Build Customer Loyalty With BDCThe BDC is well equipped with leads to increase business revenue. Like all businesses, there is a need for a steady base of customers and that is the existing customers. However, it has been seen that 60 percent of the customers do not get service from the Dealership even though they want it. The BDC needs to tap the existing customers and convert them to satisfied loyal customers.

Ways to build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty program is just a part of the other services that the Dealership can offer the customers; it is an additional service. The best way to build this loyalty is by using the Dealer CRM effectively and efficiently.

  • Lend a better experience – Like they say, “Small things matter”; greeting customers when they enter the dealership and making sure they are attended to, while they are waiting for their appointment or the sales representative. If snacks and beverages are made available in the waiting area; it is comforting to the customer. This lets the customer know their business is important. With attention to small things, the customer is more likely to close the car deal.
  • Customer loyalty reward – Customers can be made to come back for more services by offering them incentives or discounts. For instance, when they bring their car for servicing or buying additional products for their car, they can be offered incentives and discounts. Customers love freebies, so the dealership can offer them one free car wash or batteries when they come for their car service.

  • CRM software – The CRM or customer relationship management is an important tool that can help in creating customer loyalty. Strategies and plans can be designed with the help of the CRM, as it holds all the details about the customer, including the interactions; resulting in loyal as well as satisfied customers. They will not leave for another Dealership.
  • Building employee loyalty – Enthusiastic workforce can be highly committed to the cause and the attitude gets transmitted to the customers. This involves everyone, including the top management; as they earn the trust of the employees by being consistent in action and decision, as well as protect them in every possible way.
  • Reliability and trust build loyalty – When good services, as well as consistent results, are offered to customers by trustworthy representatives, customer loyalty is created. The representatives communicate clearly, moreover, they are considerate and keep all their promises to the customers; all this creates a loyal customer, who will return to the Dealership for everything related to their car.

Dealership BDC

There may be other ways to create and build customer loyalty; these are simple ways to build loyalty. It is important to implement them in the dealership, to see an increase in the ROI as well as productivity.