The F1 Championship – Where to Place Your Bets This Year

The Grand Prix Season is well underway and fans are buzzing over their favourite drivers and machines. Teams have worked hard at revving up their cars and drivers are enthusiastic about taking them to the streets. This year’s F1 Championship is proving to be an exciting one, with bets being placed on a wide range of teams and drivers. With such a variety of talent and skill to consider, bets are that much harder to place. We take a look at some of the drivers and their teams below and discuss the stiff competition during this year’s F1 Championship!

#1 – Mercedes

The Mercedes Team continues to be the strongest, most successful, and highly evolving team in motorsports today. In fact, a total of 3 Constructors’ and 4 Drivers’ Championships have been won with Mercedes-Benz engines. The team takes 1st and 2nd place rankings in this year drivers’ standings, with NicoRosberg in 1st and Lewis Hamilton in 2nd place. After last month’s Monaco Grand Prix, Rosberg leads by 24 points. Both drivers have proven to be consistently successful on the tracks, levelling up their respective wins to take Mercedes to the next level within the F1 world. Hamilton, being the more consistent of the two with Mercedes, is sure to be a safe and winning bet throughout the season, as is apparent on the following polls at William Hill F1 betting website Having taken top spot in Monaco’s Grand Prix last month, Hamilton will surely keep his momentum going throughout the season, with Rosberg close behind.

#2 – Red Bull

This year, Red Bull’s racing team modified their machines with Renault engines. In fact, they had created a new partnership with Aston Martin for the new F1 Championship season which immediately caught the attention of fans and motorsport experts. However, the machine is not the only facet of Red Bull’s potential that is grabbing people’s attention. Australian driver, Daniel Ricciardo, is taking the team to whole new grounds on the tracks. With a penchant for tricky turns and chicanes and challenging circuits, Ricciardo has literally sped his way to the top. Currently in 3rd place, this contender should not be underestimated.

#3 – Ferrari

Finnish driver, KimiRäikkönen, currently stands in 4th place in the drivers’ standings. Having taken the lead seat for Ferrari’s racing team, Räikkönen continues to battle his way through the Championship. Regardless of newly amplified engines from other teams and young, enthusiastic, drivers taking to the tracks, the Finnish driver keeps the historic Ferrari team at the top. Both the experience of the driver and of the team itself should be considered, as that could be enough to have them pull through to the top by the end of this year’s Grand Prix Season.

With no shortage of talent and skill, this F1 Championship is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Bets are tough to place during such a competitive season but that’s exactly what fans need to keep the season exciting. Place your bets wisely!