Trailer Rentals Offer Working Solutions

There are many types of trailers, each for a specific purpose, and unless you happen to own one, hiring is by far the best option. Whatever your trailer needs, simply contact your local hire company and the problem is solved. They are especially useful when it is time to clear out the garage, or get rid of that unwanted furniture. Garden clearance always leaves you with a mountain of branches and grass cuttings that need to be taken away, so consider calling your local hire company who can supply you with the perfect trailer.

Box trailers

These are used to transport bulky items such as furniture and are perfect for those camping holidays, with a range of sizes to suit every job. With sealed units that protect your goods from the elements, many people prefer to move house by hiring a box trailer. If you are a person who doesn’t accumulate too many things, one trip with the right trailer and your move is done! Car boot sales are another venue where people rent box trailers for the day, allowing them to sell many unwanted items, which pays for the trailer rental. This is the most versatile type of trailer and because it is fully enclosed, your valuables can travel safely.


Caged trailers

With this kind of trailer, you can transport heavy items safely, with a galvanised steel cage to protect the load. They are ideal for furniture, appliances, and other heavy equipment. Take a trip to the local dump with all that unwanted stuff you have managed to collect over the years. With a range of sizes available, there will be something that is perfect for your needs.

Luggage trailers

When you are going on a long trip, rather than stash all your luggage in the vehicle, rent a small luggage trailer and travel in comfort. With a variety of sizes available, travelling with lots of suitcases has never been easier. So if you need car trailer hire in Perth, look no further than your local rental company, who can provide the perfect trailer to suit your requirements.

Flat bed trailers

Ideal for heavy equipment, a flatbed trailer can move a variety of items safely, with a range of sizes to suit every situation. Moving heavy appliances has never been easier, with a low platform that is designed for heavy loads. Once securely tied down, your load will be safe to move.


Car transporter

With this specialisedtrailer, you can safely move any car. Perhaps you are restoring a vintage motor, or sending your car off for major repairs. Fully equipped with a winch and harness points, your vehicle can be safely moved, with special trailers designed for long distance haulage. There are several designs available, all with the latest safety devices fitted.


Motorcycle trailers

If you are a bike fan, you will appreciate the need to transport your machine at some point. With the right equipment, your bike can be safely transported, with space for several machines. So, next time you are preparing for that big moto cross meeting, just give your local rental company a call and they will provide the perfect trailer.

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