How You Can Make Some Cash From Your Unusable Car

We need to upgrade our vehicles from time to time when the cost of its upkeep becomes too expensive. Plus, modern, more efficient cars are often cheaper to fuel than cars on their last legs. Most people will try to sell their current car to put the money towards a new vehicle. However, if your car isn’t roadworthy, or has been involved in multiple accidents, you might struggle to secure a sale.


If you can’t sell your car second-hand for any reason, there are still ways you can make some money. One of these ways is to take your vehicle to a car wrecker. Car wreckers will dismantle your car and make a profit through selling spare parts. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to get the best price for spare parts, which means you could get a reasonable price for a car you thought would sit rotting in your garage. Take advantage of the 4WD wreckers Perth has to offer, and you could make a profit from your unusable vehicle no matter how large it is.

A Great Way to Dispose of Old Vehicles

The longer you do nothing about the car that sits dormant in your garage, the more its value decreases. Instead of letting your car go to waste, find out how much money you could make by taking it to a car wrecker. You may be pleasantly surprised.


  • An eco-friendly way to dispose of your car – We’ve all witnessed rusting vehicles abandoned in fields and left to rot. They’re a real eyesore, not to mention it pollutes the area. Car wreckers will recycle all the parts that can be re-used, and the parts of your vehicle that can’t be salvaged will be disposed of responsibly. There’s no need to leave your car in the middle of nowhere when you could make a small profit instead.
  • It’s completely hassle free – One reason cars can lay dormant in the garage for years is because of the inability to move it. As time passes, the task seems less and less urgent, with family members growing to accept it’s just an obstacle to pass. If you sell your unwanted vehicle to a car wrecker, they’ll come and take it off your hands without you having to move an inch.


  • You’ll get some money – Needless to say, the biggest benefit of using car wreckers is that you’ll get some cash for something you thought had no value.

It’s common for people to believe that if their car can’t sell second hand, they can’t get any money for it. Most people also think that car wreckers can’t offer a high enough price to make selling to them worth it. However, you may be surprised by the quote you get for your car, and you can usually get a quote for free. Don’t let your unusable vehicle go to waste when there’s a hassle free way to make some cash from it.