Picking a Reliable and Trustworthy Auto Shipping Company

Every year, many homeowners move to another place and apart from packing up their household items, they choose to ship their vehicles. If you are looking to find a good national auto shipping service, you may come across a big pool of vehicle shipper to select from. Before booking a move with a transport company which offers the cheapest quote, read the following pieces of advice when selecting a company that you can trust with your possession.

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Do your Research

You can find plenty of transport companies nationwide. Do not just compare prices and choose the company that offers the cheapest rate. Contact the company by phone to ensure that you can really get someone on the phone. In case this is not possible, you are unlikely to get a hold of them once they have your car. A reputable vehicle shipper is expected to have a dedicated customer service team that will answer all your questions.

Do your Research

Think Beyond what you Can Afford

While you can always look for a cheaper transport service, a lot of the cheapest quotes may come from companies which don’t own their trucks and give your concern to online bidders that they may not have a relationship with. Well-established transport companies will cost around $800 to $1000 to transport a car depending on what kind of shipment package you like.

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Plan in Advance

As you plan to get your stuffs shipped to your new destination, ensure that you book the car shipment ahead of time. For a vehicle shipment, the average time period is anywhere from two to fourteen days. This can be true even if your vehicle is not transported far. The reason for this is that vehicle shippers often drive standard routes. The sooner your vehicle can get in the hands of a well-established car shipper, the sooner it can be slated for a certain route.

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Identify your Priorities

Trusted auto shipping companies tend to provide various shipping options that have their own benefits. Do you want your vehicle to arrive at a certain date? If so, think about choosing expedited delivery service. In case you aim for a competitive price, ask the transport company how you can cut the cost. An excellent vehicle shipper will provide a reduced price for service like dropping off and picking up your car at any of their licensed partner facilities. Such reduces the labor and time involved in transporting cars.

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Ensure you are Protected

Unluckily, some time vehicles can get damaged during the shipment process. Make sure that you know the important steps to take in case your vehicle gets damaged. As you get a shipping price quote, ensure that it includes physical damage coverage of up to $50,000 and serve as main coverage for better protecting customers. Every claim must be handled by an in-house and licensed vehicle protection team.

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Avoid Jumping on the Lowest Price

Making a quick choice of auto transport companies that have the cheapest price can result in some issues that include things such as vehicle damage, late car delivery and total shipping failure. As you ship your car, ensure that you put it in the right hands.

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