What it takes to Service a Mercedes Benz

There are various factors that determine the cost of maintaining a luxury vehicle. These factors culminate to the working conditions and model of your car. It’s evident that high performance cars with a V12 and V8 engine requires high level of maintenance compared to other six cylinders power plant in the C and E class models. When it comes to servicing, you need to ensure that you car gets the right serviced at least after every 10,000 miles once in a year. There are basically two types of services which are; the A- service and the B- service. The A Mercedes Benz service includes typical oil servicing and inspection which is going to cost you about 200 dollars.

Major services are going to cost you about double the price of the minor service. Depending on the vehicle model you own, you might need other extra services such as changing spark plugs and fluid flush in every 100,000 miles. If you are not looking to have your vehicle serviced often you should get services done on your brakes to keep it going for a long time. Even though the total cost of repair might depend on factors such as the number of repairs, age of the model and the service type you want, other minor services including spark plug replacement, vacuum leaks and oil leaks can cost you less.


Pricing on Mercedes Benz services

The cost of servicing Mercedes Benz has come under sharp criticism in the past few years. Some people say this is unfair but it’s always okay for those who can afford. To ensure clients get the right parts and services, Mercedes has introduced a service care center which provides a better option and enables you to keep the right grip on servicing costs.

The benefits of service care

Flexible pricing

The good thing about considering service care is the fact that it guarantees you flexibility in pricing. Whatever price you will have to pay today is the same for the next two to three services. Even with inflation you are guaranteed that the prices won’t have to change.

A Fixed Monthly cost

A fixed monthly cost makes it easier for you to budget and easily spread the servicing cost. With the Mercedes Benz care service, you are able to take your vehicle at any center thought the state. The service has also been designed to be comprehensive yet easily manageable to best suit your needs.

Fixed Monthly cost

What’s included in the package

The package comprises of the cost of manufacturing and all the recommended items that appear on the electronic sheets. An electronic sheet also needs to be produced at the end of each operation to outline any additional operations.

It is also important to have warranties on the date of servicing. This will enable the technician to help you out if anything goes wrong. On the other hand, service officials will be there to check on the audible warning program, brake problem as well as the tire pressure.