Tips to ride a scooter in heavy traffic

Scooters are the best two-wheeler for both the generation of male and female.  Driving a scooter that starts with confidence and control with the handling of the vehicle efficiently. It can be considered a bit safer than a bike. It is courtesy with lower top speed and manageable height and weight. In the scooters, the wheels are small and covered. It helps to give a safe ride for women riders and pillions wearing Indian attire like sari, scarf and dupatta. Scooters started with 100cc performances which placed in the top 10 scooty in India.

Scooters can be differentiated into different varieties such as colors, style, performance and more. The lightweight vehicles are the best scooty for ladies to have a safe drive and help to maintain more. It makes driving crazy for the women who all are willing to drive equal to the bikers.

How to ride scooty?

Make a good grip over the handlebars with confidence and place your feet on the ground. Try to balance yourself on the scooty. Start the scooty with automatic press switch is now available in all the types of scooty. Then hold the brake and release the self. Accelerate steadily by turning the right handlebar. Using front brakes only in case of emergency avoids and using left brakes helps to stop your scooty slowly.

Cracking a heavy traffics

Be smooth

Making sure the smooth way of riding will require plenty of kilograms of concentration. Avoid unnecessary pressure on tires, suspension and handlebars that keep you safe and energetic. Make an economy ride while you are in heavy traffic. Keep an extra special attention to make a safe drive with change in pace and direction of the movements.

Make your self-protection

Wear the reflective bands over your helmet with a bright color. Make sure and stay away from the blind spots of vehicles, trucks and buses in a particular area. Use the helmet with the plastic shield that will protect your eyes from rain, dust, wind, insects etc. wear a leather jacket, boots and gloves to protect you against bruises and minor injuries in case of fall in heavy traffic.

Maintain a safe distance from another vehicle

Never place your bike behind other vehicles. Make sure that you have enough space to move around in case of emergency. Reduce the overtaking activities in traffic. Park your scooter which leaves some plenty of space.

Maintain your scooter level

Make sure with an economic speed driving in traffic. Check yourself before each ride with the condition of brakes, air pressure, tyre condition, horn, clutch, lights, suspension etc. It may keep your bikes in a good condition and helps to increase fuel efficiency and reduces risks of accidents in heavy traffic. Consider the pedestrian and slowly increase the speed after getting over into the roads.

The bottom line

Scooters are the basic vehicle which fits for the entire person to make their rides safely. The above-mentioned things are the steps to follow in the traffic ridings. Make a safe ride and always be with the happy moments.