The Advantages of CNC Machining

Working with a company that specialises in CNC machining is the perfect choice if you need a large number of complex components created quickly. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control, which describes how computers handle every aspect of the creation of your parts. They can be used for milling, drilling, turning, honing, threading, and much more. There are many different advantages that these computerised machines have over manual machining techniques.

They Can Work Around the Clock

CNC machines, unlike human workers, can continue working around the clock and on weekends and holidays. These machines only need a little downtime for maintenance. Other than that, they can work on a project continuously by creating components, moving them into the finished bin, and drawing in new materials to transform. This means that your order can be completed in a fraction of the time that human workers could do it in, even if it’s a large bulk order.

Everything Is Precisely Made

Because a computer is controlling every movement the machine makes, each component is created identically. It doesn’t matter how many times the machine creates the same component: each one will be exactly identical to every other created piece, even if those other pieces were created in earlier batches made over a year ago. You can count on perfect continuity in manufacturing if you make use of CNC machining in Perth.

Operators Require More Training, Fewer Natural Skills

While these machines can largely be set and allowed to work on their own, operators are still needed to enter the programs and deal with anything that goes wrong. Unlike manually running a machine, which often requires close attention to detail, a steady hand, and other natural skills that can’t necessarily be learned, everything needed to run a CNC machine can be taught. It’s all computer programming, and often, the CNC operators themselves do not create the computer model. All they have to do is make sure that it’s loaded and that the machine is working properly.


Training is also much easier and safer. Operators can train on virtual software simulations so there is no danger of hurting themselves as there is when training on manual machines. They also don’t have to worry about wasting materials or damaging the machine.

Some Components Cannot Be Manually Made

There are some very intricate components that cannot be made manually because they are too complex for operators. These components may have incredibly minute details that have to be perfectly machined or the part will fail. Computers are capable of creating these components over and over without a single error.

The Software Benefits

The software used to program and operate CNC machines has its own benefits. First, the operating software can be updated as needed. This can allow the machines to create new parts that they previously were not programmed to make. The software can also allow the creation of virtual models. Users can design and test items in a virtual environment before creating physical prototypes, cutting down on the number of prototypes created and the time needed to fine-tune a product.