Some Add-On Luggage Options for Your Two-Wheeler Machine (Motorcycle)

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you are planning to go out on a road trip, there is a high chance that you are struggling with adjusting your luggage. There is no doubt that road trips are better and more enjoyable on motorcycles as compared to cars, but when it comes to carrying the luggage, it is quite a struggle. For most of us, tying the luggage at the back of the motorcycle is a big deal because you are going to ruin your luggage, and there is a high chance that your luggage is not in the exact shape that you expected. To help you carry your luggage quickly, various companies have come forth with easy add-on luggage options that are safe and secure as well. Various saddlebags come with comfortable strap on options, and they are aligned with a simple lining that can protect anything you want to carry. Some of these saddlebags are as small as a pouch or a small bag, whereas others are so big that you can stuff everything on the one go.

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Starting from the basics, if you want to carry something small, you can get leather saddlebags. However, if you are planning a full-fledged trip of around one week, you should get something as big as a tail bag where you can stuff everything you need. If you are looking for good add-on luggage options, here are a few options that you should consider.

Small Leather Saddlebags

Small leather saddlebags come in pairs, and they can be strapped on either side of the motorcycle. For the variety, you can get in any color depending on your choice and the color of your motorcycle. You can also get studded leather bags if you want to travel in style. These bags have been specially designed to carry documents, food items, tool kits, and other small equipment. If you are going to the office on your motorcycle, there is nothing better than a pair of leather saddlebags. Apart from the durability and style, these bags are easy to maintain, and you can thoroughly clean and polish them according to your ease. Just like most of the saddlebags, they can be cleaned by using daily household organic products, and this can help a lot.

Tail Bag

A tail bag is a small, relatively compact, and durable bag that can be strapped at the back of the motorcycle. Although this bag looks small, it has a perfect space. Space is good enough to carry up to 30 liters at a time. If you want to bring along luggage that is hard or that requires a lot of space, this can be an ideal bag for you. Apart from this, a tail bag helps in traveling conveniently because you don’t have to struggle with the balance as in the case of other kinds of saddlebags that come in pairs.

Roll On Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is an elongated bag that you can strap at the back of the motorcycle, and it has a lot of space. If you are carrying luggage for a week-long journey, this can be ideal for you. You can stuff all your clothes and eatables in them. The best thing about a duffle bag is the fact that you can strap it at the back or adjust it anywhere you want. This kind of bag is durable and waterproof, which means no matter how many times you use it, you can clean it with the help of a damp cloth. Unlike a leather bag that requires a lot of care, a duffle bag is made up of polyurethane, which requires no extra effort. It goes well with the harsh weather as well as moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the bag and your equipment at all.

Backpack for Bikers

A backpack is one of the most loved and most used kinds of the bag that you can use for luggage. Depending on the luggage, you can choose the size of the bag pack. The best thing about this kind of bag is that it can be used for carrying luggage as well as other things; however, for longer journeys, carrying something on your back can be quite tricky. Apart from this, some companies offer a strap-on option that you can adjust somewhere at the back; however, in most conditions, this doesn’t have much of a capacity.