Safe Vision Solutions Begin with Safety Glasses

If you work in construction or industry, then you’re already well-aware how it pays to play it safe. Safety glasses, available with a prescription, will help you see better as well as provide a strong barrier of protection against such hazards as sparks, debris, dust, and heat. The glasses also safeguard the eyes from manufacturing residue. On top of that, they’re also designed to keep glare from being an issue.

Protecting the Eyes of Industrial Employees

Prescription-type safety glasses are especially made to supply protection to the eyes of workers who work in such industries as construction or metalwork. The glasses should always be worn in any venue where the eyes are vulnerable to worksite threats. The protective eyewear protects workers’ eyes from any of the tiny particles that are associated with hazardous liquids and gases and powdered chemicals.

Used by Swimmers and Pool Cleaners

In addition, prescription safety glasses in Perth supply protection against the sting that is experienced by workers who clean swimming pools. Regular swimmers, as well, wear the glasses to avoid the same kind of chlorine irritation.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Prescription safety lenses are highly affordable, and are made with an impact-resistant type of “glass.” Polycarbonate is used for the making of the lenses. It is also used in such applications as astronaut helmet shields and space shuttle window shields. The material is not only scratch-proof: it is also shatterproof and clear.

These glasses benefit workers in both indoor and outdoor settings as well. In the outdoors, the glasses feature a protective shield that offers specialised protection against both long- and short-wavelength UV radiations.

Eye Protection for Sports Activities

Sports enthusiasts and athletes use the glasses too. Some of the sports where the glasses are used include basketball, tennis, baseball, and skiing. The glasses protect wearers from injuries caused by finger poking and elbow jabs. Some sports, which involve flying objects, also pose a threat to the vision. As a result, specialised eye protection is needed.

Eye Protection at Home

In addition, the glasses provide protection against injuries that can happen when performing work at home. For instance, the glasses are worn during cooking (to protect against splatters) as well as when cutting wood, mowing the lawn, or engaging in activities, such as model-building.

Keep Your Eyes Safe from Radiation Exposure

Prescription safety glasses are designed with a filter to protect against the impact of harmful radiations. These radiations can occur when the wearer is watching TV or using a computer. As noted, the glasses absorb UV wavelengths, which can be harmful to ocular health. People whose vision is compromised use the glasses when they use either their smartphone or computer to excess.

When making a selection for safety glasses, it is best to have your eyes first checked by a reputable optometrist. Use a provider that offers a full range of vision products. That way, you can be assured that you only have to go to one place for all your vision needs. Not only should eyewear be affordable, it should be offered so you have the best and most comprehensive selection of vision products at your disposal.