Common Forklift Issues You Might Encounter

Forklifts are generally used in warehouses and handling facilities for storing and transporting heavy materials from one shelf to another. A forklift is a four-wheeled vehicle with a hydraulic lifter in the front. The mast, or the lift in the front, is capable of lifting very heavy loads with minimal effort. Operating a forklift requires special training, since there are specific regulations and guidelines that must be followed.

If you have a forklift in your warehouse, you should also have a forklift repair technician on speed dial. If the forklift stops working, all of your warehousing and storage operations will come to a standstill. There are numerous companies that provide emergency forklift repairs in Sydney to factory and warehouse owners throughout the city. However, before you call in a repair expert, you should know a few things about common forklift problems. Here are some of the issues that you might encounter:

Mast Problems

The mast, or the lift, is the front section of the forklift. It’s the frame installed around the forklift. The lift should rise or lower as soon as you press a button on the control panel. If the lift isn’t rising in height properly or isn’t descending or doing so erratically, it might indicate an issue with the hydraulic mechanism of the forklift. Hydraulic pistons might get clogged with different materials. It might stop working if the fluid levels are low as well. Before lifting any load with the forklift, it’s best to first take a look at the maximum lifting load. Overloading the forklift can cause the engine to overheat as well.

Steering Problems

Forklifts are fitted with power steering and are able to twist and turn in very tight spaces. If there’s an issue with the steering, it might make it virtually impossible for you to use the forklift on site.  This might be caused due to low steering fluid or it might be an issue with the bearings installed in the steering mechanism. This isn’t exactly a serious problem and can be fixed onsite as well.

Electrical Systems

There are a series of electrical systems working underneath the control panel of the forklift. The buttons you see on the control panel are connected with a complex system of wires underneath. Therefore, if the problem is serious, it’s best not to tamper with it on your own. You should call in a professional to take a look at the forklift’s electrical systems.


Suspension Issues

The suspension of the forklift is reinforced and is designed to ensure that the forklift doesn’t buckle under the pressure of the heavy loads. If the suspension stops functioning properly, the forklift will stop working altogether. Mechanical problems with the forklift should be resolved immediately. Mechanical problems might prove to be costly to fix. Issues in the axle or the suspension cannot be fixed onsite. The forklift will probably be towed or carried away to a workshop for the repair work. The prices will vary depending upon the work to be done.