Be Prepared for the Unexpected When You Are Stranded – Know Whom to Contact

Nothing is more debilitating than finding yourself on a lonely road with a starting problem. So, if you have to deal with a dead battery, you should know how to jump-start your car or be able to call someone to do so.

The Jump-starting Process

If you are equipped with battery cables, you still have to find someone who is willing to let you use their charged battery for the task. If you happen to get help, the following steps will take you through the jump-start process:

  • First, make sure that neither vehicle is running, including the electricity powering the donor vehicle.
  • Next, connect the negative red cable to the negative red terminal of your dead battery.
  • Follow up by connecting the other negative red cable to the negative red terminal of the battery that is charged.
  • Connect the positive black cable to the positive black terminal of the charged battery.
  • Link the other positive black cable to a non-painted and solid metal portion of the engine in your car – as far away from the dead battery as possible. By making this move, you will ground the circuit.
  • Start the car with the battery that is charged, allowing the donor vehicle to idle for several minutes.
  • Try to start your own car with the dead battery and recite positive affirmations.

Hopefully, after jump-starting your car, you will be able to purchase a car battery in Newcastle, Adelaide, or wherever your travels take you.

Possessing Jumper Cables is No Guarantee

However, you may not be so lucky, especially if you are positioned in the middle of nowhere, and you cannot flag a car down to help you jump-start your car. Even if you do manage to get “help,” there is still a safety risk.

That is why it is helpful to have the contact number for roadside assistance in Adelaide from Roadside Response. Roadside assistance can be summoned and get you up and running in no time. You can even buy a replacement battery from this roadside service. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to have the roadside assistance company jump-start your car. You can have a new battery installed instead.

Other Service Offerings

It is also helpful to have the contact number for a roadside assistance company should you have other mechanical difficulties. Roadside assistance should feature all-inclusive offerings – offerings that can help you if you get locked out of your car, experience a flat tyre, or have fuel problems whilst travelling.

Needless to say, you should also keep the phone number in a safe place of a roadside provider that offers quick and dependable customer service. After all, you do not want to remain stranded for any longer than is necessary. Therefore, choose a provider who is committed to getting a customer’s car up and running as fast as possible. You should not expect anything less from such a company.

You can go online and review the service offerings of various roadside assistance companies in your area. You really should not travel through Australia without the phone number of this important, if not essential, service provider.