3 Things That Need To Be Checked For The Required MOT Test In Bearsden

The United Kingdom government takes road safety very seriously and so they have put things in place to insure both you and other road users all across the British Isles can drive on the road with no fear. It is important that cars and other road vehicles are up to scratch and are mechanically sound and so they have the MOT test to check on that. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the test, then your insurance is invalid and you cannot renew your road tax when it comes up for renewal. It is there for everyone’s protection.

You can get an MOT test in Bearsden at a few select garages that are specially appointed, but first your car needs to be checked over to see if it will pass. There are a number of things that they look out for.

  1. The brakes need to be fully operational and so the pads, shoes and brake lines are all checked for wear and if necessary, these may need to be replaced or cleaned.

  1. All lights must work on the car for night time driving and also to indicate to other drivers what direction that you are going to take. None of the dash lights can be lit up when you take the test.

  1. The tyres have to have a required thread depth and the walls of the tyres need to be free of cracks or bulges. If need be, you may have to install new tyres on your ride.

The MOT test is a necessary part of the driving experience in the UK and all cars need to pass it. Make sure that yours does.